At Roberta House, we have regular dinner parties, prepared by the clients with a little help from the staff.One of our clients volunteering at our Summer FeteView of Elizabeth House entrance, Upstreet.

About Roberta House and Elizabeth House - providers of specialist residential care and reablement facilities.
Elizabeth House - provider of residential care and reablement services for individuals with a diagnosis of Wernicke-Korsakov's syndrome
Roberta House - provider of residential care and reablement services for individuals with a diagnosis of Wernicke-Korsakov's syndrome
Care provision for adults under 65 with conditions relating to dementia, particularly with alcohol-related brain damage
Our active therapy team and activities for successful rehabilitation of clients with Wernicke-Korsakov's syndrome and acquired brain injury
Who we care for - adults under 65 with dementia and related condition, including acquired brain injury and korsakov's syndrome.
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The Upstreet Project: Elizabeth House & Roberta House, Upstreet

Residential care and re-ablement for adults with Wernicke-Korsakoff's Syndrome, acquired brain injury, ARBD (Alcohol-Related Brain Damage) and other related conditions.

Roberta House and Elizabeth House provide care and re-ablement/rehabilitation services in a residential setting in Upstreet, near Canterbury in Kent. We are registered with CQC for the provision of residential care for adults suffering with Korsakoff's syndrome and/or related organic mental health difficulties. We are specialists in the provision of care for individuals suffering from Wernicke-Korsakoff's syndrome (Korsakov's) and acquired brain injury or ARBD (Alcohol-Related Brain Damage). Mostly, but not exclusively, our clients' difficulties have arisen from long term alcohol abuse with associated traumatic/non-traumatic brain injury.

We now offer 32 rehabilitation, re-ablement and residential care places for Korsakov's sufferers.

We are delighted to announce that, following our award of the maximum 3 Stars in the old CQC report system, and our unannounced routine inspections in January and February 2014 which found us to be fully compliant, we gained 4 Good and 1 Outstanding rating in our last inspections in 2017. Please see our latest reports on the CQC website for Elizabeth House and Roberta House.

We provide short and long term rehabilitation and residential care services for 16 clients at Elizabeth House, with 16 additional places at Roberta House. Our Pathways Units (part of Roberta House) are a step-down facility, offering a chance for 3 clients to practice their daily living skills in a 'normal' household setting before moving back into the wider community.

Services, support and care at Roberta House & Elizabeth House are holistic and tailored to meet each client's specific needs. Our philosophy is that all our clients have the potential to progress, no matter what their condition and background.

Our goal is to promote independence and self-esteem in our clients within the framework of a holistic approach to care and therapy. Each client's programme is designed by the client him or herself and focuses on living skills (both personal and household), social skills development, active therapy and vocational training and support. We strongly encourage links with the local community and assist our clients to build and maintain family links which they may have lost.

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