Elizabeth House specialises in adults under 65 with dementia relating to alcohol abuse, particularly Korsakov's and similar conditions

Homepage: Elizabeth House residential care home for adults under 65 with dementia, often as a result of long term alcohol abuse; Korsakoff's and other dementia related conditions
Who we care for - adults under 65 with dementia and related condition, including acquired brain injury and korsakov's syndrome.
Care provision for adults under 65 with conditions relating to dementia, particularly with alcohol-related brain damage
Our active therapy team and activities for successful rehabilitation of clients with Wernicke-Korsakov's syndrome and acquired brain injury
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Elizabeth House, Upstreet

Residential Care Home for Adults under 65 with Korsakoff's Syndrome, dementia and organic mental health issues

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Our Clients

Our aim at Elizabeth House is to improve significantly the lives of younger people with various forms of dementia through the development and provision of specialist care and support within a secure environment.

The impact of dementia from whatever cause on an energetic, younger person, in their forties or fifties, often has the effect of restricting their lives within their community and can severely limit their quality of life. The loss of communication skills, coordination and often both short and long-term memory undermines independence and self-confidence and can often cause the breakdown of family relationships. At Elizabeth House, the support we give aims to open up the life choices of our clients again and give them back a quality of life they may have lost.

One of our Active Therapy team with one of our clients, renovating an old trolley for use in the greenhouse. We teach and renew skills our clients had in the past and will find useful in the future, through meaningful activities with clear and useful outcomes.

We offer a rich range of activities and active therapy to our clients, thanks to a dedicated team of activity therapists and large grounds. Our facilities range from a brand new art and crafts studio, an in-house games area and PC with broadband internet access, to an allotment with chickens and extensive gardens. We also have our own beach hut at nearby Whitstable for barbecues, picnics and walks along the beach.

Some of our clients with a carer out for a brisk walk along the prom on a winter's afternoon

We encourage all our clients to lead as 'normal' a lifestyle as possible and to get involved with many aspects of the day-to-day running of the home. This includes taking an active role in our Community Duties Rota, with responsibilities ranging from assisting with meal preparation to cleaning and tidying their own rooms, all with a view to maintaining/fostering independence and improving self esteem. Each client is individually risk- and needs-assessed and an individual plan is put in place for each person to ensure suitability and appropriateness of activities. Our clients are also encouraged to join the wider community, through classes, clubs, fund-raising and other activities and we aim for eventual and full rehabilitation into the community for all our clients. Please have a look at our Active Therapy pages for more information about this.

One of our clients with one of our Active Therapy team, out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant - we try to get out for supper at least once a month as a group and we often go out for lunch, whether to a restaurant or for a picnic in the fresh air...

At all times, our clients have access to simple, warm companionship and it's often amazing to see how our clients respond to the kindness and the structure of their lives in our care, and how their relationships with their families, which have often completely broken down, can be restored.
At Elizabeth House, we care for clients with conditions ranging from early onset dementia, vascular dementia, Picks disease, Wernicke-Korsakovs syndrome, Huntington’s disease and other rarer forms of dementia. Our particular field of expertise is caring for clients with Korsakov's syndrome as a result of long-term alcohol abuse.

To find out more about Korsakov's (Korsakoff's) syndrome, click here

For a frank and confidential discussion about how we may be able to help you or your relative suffering from any of the above conditions, please call Rod or Bobbie Tarry on 01227 860516.

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